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Welcome to Paradise!

Morro and Surrounding Areas

Morro de São Paulo is located in the northern part of the island of Tinharé, part of the archipelago facing the shores of the State of Bahia. The island and Morro, the main district, are characterised by uncontaminated nature which dominates the landscape and the rhythm of the local lifestyle: a large barrier reef, perhaps the only one in the whole of Brazil, allows the visitor to have views of a crystal-clear, calm, transparent and characteristically tropical sea.  One can move around the island only on foot, or on horseback; a tractor is used to ferry passengers along more distant routes or when moving from one beach to another.  There are no roads so automobiles are not allowed on the island and this adds to the feeling of being isolated in an enchanted place, something the island is famous for. The island is inhabited by fishermen and talented craftsmen working wood and fabrics, although there are many bars, restaurants and delightful little shops that create a festive, happy atmosphere especially during the frequent nocturnal parties, when there is music and dancing on “Beach Two”.  Strangely, and no one knows why, the island’s beaches have no names but are known by number: one, two, three and four.